Thursday, 10 February 2011

Photographs Will Find Her...

a bright young thing with the look of an artist

an indie rock queen folded with the elegance

of a homely daughter

the verve of youth touched with the sexiness

of womanhood

colour in the black and white

something in that face ticks my tock

but I am just an old man

who muses the untouchable

the out of reach

my kicks are obtained from knowing

the likes of her exist amongst the

dull and grey

dancing with the rain and gutter trash

to pale them into insignificance

photographs will find her


beauty is limited

her face has so much more

stories hidden behind mascara eyes

parting lips that whisper but only I can hear

her face

a face made to drench

angels in self doubt

I sat on a cold bench soaking in the rain

suffering the effects of too much drink

when I started to write this in my head

tiny pulses are felt if you 

seek them out

some lucky bastard watches her apply make up

first thing in the morning

brush strokes of an artist

she is the river I ran dry

the beautiful but tainted youth

tainted by the media and mr and mrs righteous cunt who read

the daily mail.

men froth at the thought of her on the tube

every morning

but consider suicide when they realize they never

ever possessed

the cool milk shake look

of the camden eyeliner princess

there is a place to sit and imagine what this beautiful ugly town can do for you

failing that just get lost in love making

photographs will find her

she glides through the market

all dark glasses, glam rock chic, and mosh pit stalker

I can imagine her dancing in the

electric ballroom

in the 1980's

feel the lust in an unspoken moment

find solace in public Libraries and coffee stained cafe's 

bright young thing

with the look of an artist

photographs must find her

and I hope they will

Written and © owned  by T Andrew Roberts 2010 © Boris Danski


  1. If more people had a soul, such as this, the world would be a better place

  2. I want your writing in print. I want to hold it in my hand, sit by my fire and read your collection, not on a screen. So let it be done. x

  3. thank you, though I am quite sure I will never get it published as no one would want to publish it. I did consider self publishing once though x

  4. so well written. Written from the heart. :)

  5. Such depth of feeling. You are able to explore and express your observations with a powerful narrative which holds the reader by the throat.

  6. that is the kindest comment...thank you so much

  7. Hello Luv...I adore the comments you are receiving..your work is powerful and intriguing..I want it in my hands as well!! This will be published at some point..maybe we should seriously talk about me producing images based on your work. I would Love to try!!xoxo

  8. I have known this girl I carry her in my heart and plan with your permission to have this.etched into.limestone for her

  9. Thankyou Tim for permitting me to have your poem etched. WOrking with the artist at the moment and will send a photograph of the completed works :)

  10. pleasure...look forward to seeing it


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